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Mansion Owners Irate Over Big House In Great Falls

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Plans for a huge house on River Bend Road in Great Falls are causing consternation among neighbors who don't want a 25,000 square foot house coming to the neighborhood. Granted, their houses aren't exactly small, but this one will be four times the size of the house next door. (If you look at our list of largest houses in DC, it is more than twice the size of some of those). The house, modeled after the palace of Versailles and monikered Le Chateau de Lumiere by its owners, is only at the foundation stage (after a number of trees were cleared from the five acre lot), but lawyers have entered the picture on behalf of the prominent neighbors who were told that the covenants for this property had expired and therefore no longer apply. Let the lawsuits begin. Let the fingerpointing and name-calling begin!

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