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The Largest Houses For Sale In DC

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A few weeks ago Curbed looked at the smallest houses for sale in DC so it only seems right to swing to the other end of the spectrum and look at the largest properties on the market. At the top of list is a thirteen thousand square foot house that is on the market for $4,495,000, which is expensive but isn't anywhere near one of the most expensive houses in DC. The most expensive house, in fact, just barely made the list with 8,840 sq. ft even though it is $16M. But click through the photos to get more details about each one.

· 3134 Ellicott St. NW, 13,393 sq. ft. [Homesdatabase]

· 1824 R Street NW, 12,000 sq. ft. [Homesdatabase]

· 2933-2943 Benton PL NW, 11,478 sq. ft. [Homesdatabase]

· 2520 30th St NW, 9,332 sq. ft. [Homesdatabase]

· 2601 30th Street, 8,868 sq. ft. [Homesdatabase]

· 3101 Chain Bridge Rd. NW, 8,840 sq. ft. [Homesdatabase]

· The Newest Most Expensive House For DC [CDC]

· The Smallest Houses For Sale In DC [CDC]

All data from MRIS. This list was compiled last week, so if a new huge house has snuck onto the market in the meantime please let us know through our tipline.

UPDATE: Originally this post only listed fully detached houses but since there is an attached row house that is 12,000 square feet we've added it to the list (the R Street listing). Thanks to the commenter who pointed it out.