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Fourteen Bedrooms And A Few Stunning Bathrooms

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Welcome to the Curbed series Who Just Left? wherein we glean information from a listing photo and try to determine who was hanging out in the room right before the picture was taken. Have any more photos bursting with clues? Send them to our tipline.

Things started out so well on this first date. The couple was having a great conversation out there on the patio; they made it through half a pitcher of iced tea but were too busy talking to really eat much of the fruit and cheese plate. It wasn't long before it was time for more adult beverages and they moved from sitting in separate chairs to snuggling up next to each other on the bench. That's when the romantic flames really started roaring because before they knew they were rushing upstairs to take a bath together. But things must have taken a sour turn in the bathroom and one half of this star-crossed duo walked out on the other without even bothering to turn off the tap. That left the jilted lover sitting home alone yet again with only a solitary glass of wine and the roaring fire for company.
This is the lovely Swann House near Dupont Circle that has been a bed and breakfast for years. But now the fourteen bedroom house is on the market for just under seven million dollars. There are also twelve and a half bathrooms, a few courtyard gardens, and a pool in the back.

· Listing: 1808 New Hampshire Avenue NW [ColdwellBanker]
· Swann House [OfficialSite]