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Bungalow Living On Reservoir Road

Here now, From Curbed Marketplace, highlighting an intriguing real estate listing from the many thousands of properties found in the Curbed Marketplace. Browsing the Marketplace and spot a property worthy of being featured? Send it to the tipline.

Very close to the Lab School's high school campus on Reservoir Road is this "story book cottage" that has just had twenty thousand dollars shaved off its price. The 4 bed, 3 bath is now asking $825,000 and you half expect to see Hansel and Gretel lurking in the backyard following their trail of bread crumbs. But the rooms are large enough for full-grown adults to live in without banging their heads against the ceiling. A nice sized kitchen that leads out to the backyard comes with the deal.

· Listing: 4710 Reservoir Road [Zillow]