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More Information Comes Out About The Trees Dan Snyder Had Cut Down At His Potomac, Md House

The whistleblower at the National Park Service who made it known that Redskins owner Dan Snyder had cut down more federally-protected trees than he was supposed to is releasing a book that gives more detail about the whole saga. Robert M. Danno, who was a chief ranger until his demotion sometime after this incident, has written the book "Worth Fighting For (A Park Ranger's Unexpected Battle Against Federal Bureaucrats and Washington Redskins Owner Dan Snyder),". In it he chronicles the messy details over the Snyder situation (including some hints at corruption) and tells of the retaliation he suffered from within the National Park Service once the case became public. The property in question, pictured above, is one Snyder and his wife bought in 2001 from a trust owned by Queen Noor of Jordan. The infamous tree-cutting took place in 2004.

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