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Halcyon House Sells For Half The Price Of Evermay

Well, it's official. Halcyon House, the house that was the most expensive one for sale at the time it went under contract just sold for eleven million— one and a half million less than its ask of $12.5M, which technically brings it down to the second most expensive listing at the time of contract, since there was one on Benton Place for $12M (since that time there's been another one listed for $16M that we reported yesterday). Halcyon House has had a series of price chops from its original price of $30M. But the most interesting thing about this sale is that the buyers are the same people who bought Evermay (for $22M), a media-shy couple who made it big in the pharmaceutical industry. Since they have decided to turn Evermay into a base for their non-profit, all the neighbors want to know what is going to happen to Halcyon.

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Halcyon House

3400 Prospect St, Washington, DC