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How Not To Look Like A First Time Home Buyer

· Don't show up to the open house with a tape measure so you can double check the square footage.

· Don't try telling them that your parent is a lawyer just so that they will be scared of you.

· Don't treat the finger food at an open house like you're at a free buffet.

· Don't point out all the things you don't like about a house then make an offer anyway.

· Don't try telling the sellers what you do for a living so that they will be impressed and want to sell you the house for less than the asking price.

· Don't ask your realtor to show you a house that is out of your price range 'just so you can see what you're missing'.

· If the paint on the walls is old and dingy it's okay to ask if the sellers will get them repainted. If the paint on the walls is in good shape but you don't like the color, it's not okay.

· Don't turn down a house because it doesn't have the storage space for a hobby you don't do anymore (e.g. crafting, kayaking).

· Don't ask what a powder room or a three-quarters bath is. The first is just a bathroom with a toilet and a sink (sometimes called a half-bath). The second is a bathroom with toilet, sink, and stand-up shower but no tub. If there is a tub then it is called a full-bath.