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Excuses You Can Use To Get Out Of Helping Your Friends Move

We've all been there. Someone you think you are friends with asks you for help moving and you feel like you have to say yes. It can make or break a friendship or romantic partnership faster than you can say duct tape. After the jump we've compiled a few sample excuses you can keep on hand so you can get out of it the next time someone else tries to get you to help them move out of their apartment. Some edge into the slightly gray area of NSFW so you might want to wait until you're not at work to read them.

· My parents had to borrow my truck because my grandmother died and they couldn't afford a hearse to transport the coffin.
· Sorry, I gave up lifting things for Lent.
· I would but I'm allergic to the resin they put on duct tape.
· My hand hurts from jerking off last night.
· I wish I could but I'm volunteering at the soup kitchen and then doing the night shift on the crisis hotline right before I go read stories to kids in the ICU.

Photo by auremar/Shutterstock via CN