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Moving When One Of Your Dogs Is In Heat Is Tough

Here's another story we got from our call for memorable moving experiences:

I was working a job in a rowhouse and the owner, a single old lady with too much time on her hands, had two dogs that hadn't been spayed/neutered and the female had gone into heat. She was keeping them separate by putting one in the basement and the other upstairs. So when it finally came time to move out the basement we had to make sure the dog wouldn't come upstairs. You try moving a couch, chairs, a table etc. through a narrow row house door while trying to keep two dogs apart. Of course, the female got out into the upstairs just as someone was coming through the front door. So she went running outside and the male dog went running after her and caught up to her before I could. They start humping each other in the middle of the street and I'm yelling at them trying to get them apart and then I start pulling at the male trying to get him off of the female. All the while the old lady is standing there going on about how I shouldn't have left the door open. I was glad when that job was done.