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How Our One Hundred Starter Homes Fared

Yes, spring is a time to reflect, enjoy the longer days, clean out closets, and obsess about the weight gained during our quasi-winter days. But most importantly, it's the unofficial start of Real Estate Season. And to honor this rite, we're looking back on how our Least Expensive deals and Under 300K Club members fared in some of the area's hottest neighborhoods. And yes, we're looking at you, Logan.

We tallied up the data from our Least Expensive Property posts (excluding Bethesda and Georgetown since they have only been on the site for ten days or less) and the 2012 Under 300K Club properties to see how many sold, remain on or were removed from the market, have pending sales, have no change in prices, and, in one interesting case, had its price increased. That totals 101 properties, and the stats show that while 20% of the deals have sold, more than one-third remain on the market with no price changes. Now, if you want to break it down by neighborhoods, Logan Circle was the winner with 7 of its 10 houses selling, while the SW Waterfront still has 9 deals waiting for buyers.

· All Under 300K Club [CDC]

And here are all our Ten Least Expensive Listings by neighborhood:

· Georgetown
· Bethesda
· Ballston/Virginia Square
· Hill East
· SW Waterfront/Buzzard Point
· Bloomingdale
· Eckington
· Columbia Heights
· Capitol Hill
· Logan Circle
· Brookland