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The Brokerbabble Glossary: Cozy

Yesterday we showed you some examples of brokerbabble using the word starter, and we're back with another entry into the Brokerbabble Glossary. Did you know there are very few small homes in DC? Instead of small places to live we have cozy homes. Here's one that is a rental and is 457 square feet, and here's another 1 bed, 1 bath that is 660 square feet and also described as 'cozy'. There's another one at 770 square feet in The Floridian that is simultaneously near the middle of the action of U Street, but the 'unit itself is quiet and cozy'. [previously; Zillow; Zillow; Zillow]

The Quarry

2714 Quarry Rd NW , Washington, DC , 20009