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Georgetown University Considers Buying Space Downtown

There's a building proposed for the space adjacent to the current GU Law Center that will be developed by Property Group Partners and GU has said they are considering expanding into part of the the 22-million-square-foot space. The building will be called Capitol Crossing and is part of a 7-acre development along 395, near Capitol Hill. The plans, which are a few years away from being a completed building, call for integrating this property with the Law Center and having both be off the DC power grid. The new building is also aiming to be the first of its kind to be US Green Building Council LEED Platinum-certified.

· GU May Expand Downtown [TheHoya]

Our apologies, this post briefly referred to the location as adjacent to the Law School, but it is actually next to GU's Law Center.

Georgetown University

37th Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

Georgetown University Law Center

600 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, DC