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Georgetown Views Without All The Traffic Noise

The Rosslyn housing market is known for being tight—houses and condos get snatched up within days of going on the market (and that's if they even make past the broker's open house). Here's another place that is sure to move fast since it is within view of Key Bridge and in the same neighborhood as Turnberry Tower, but is only a nudge north of a million dollars instead of the much higher prices commanded by that highrise condo building. This four-level townhouse is a 3 bed, 2.5 bath asking $1,025,000. It comes with parking for as many as four cars, but what really caught our eye was the fireplace in the master bedroom. It feels like old Georgetown, but without the drafts of a old house or the noise of a city street. After the jump is a video tour in case the photo gallery leaves you wanting more.

· Video: 1554 Colonial Terrace [YouTube]
· Listing: 1554 Colonial Terrace [RamsburyGroup]
· Turnberry Tower [OfficialSite]


1554 Colonial Terrace, Arlington, VA 22209