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Redfin Employees Use Redfin To Sell House, Fall Short Of Ask

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Karen and Joe Krupsaw, she a regional director and he a real estate agent at the real estate website Redfin, recently sold their 4 bed, 4.5 bath using the same company that signs their paychecks. They listed the house for $620,000 on the first of this year and sold it within two months, which is the good news. They didn't get their full asking price, however, since the Redfin record shows the final price was $600,000.

· Listing: 18303 Commandery Way [Redfin]
· Joe Krupsaw [Redfin]
· Karen Krupsaw [Redfin]

UPDATE: A rep from Redfin contacted us to add a little more information to the post. Karen Krupsaw's title is East Coast Regional Director, not marketing director as the post initially stated. Also the sellers' strategy was 'price to sell' so they chose to accept an offer within ten days of listing the property because the buyer was qualified and came with an agent that was 'trustworthy and responsible'.