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A For Sale By Owner Overlooking Exxon, But Not For Long

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The aerie-like stretch of Prospect Street (not far from Wormley Row) that overlooks Key Bridge and the M Street Exxon Station has a new house for sale that isn't listed on the MLS. It is a 2 bed, 3 bath asking $2,900,000 and includes one-car garage parking (this is residential Georgetown, people. You have a better chance trying to find a unicorn than a parking space). If you're attached to those views of the gas station, however, they won't be there for too much longer. Eastbanc is planning on building somewhere between thirty and forty condos on the land where the gas station now sits. Many discussions have taken place about how high up the building will be allowed to go so as not to interfere with the views from the back of the Prospect Street houses, but things are still in the planning phase for the project.

· Listing: 3604 Prospect St []
· One Less Gas Station In G-town Means More Room For Condos [CDC]

Photos from HomeVisit

Francis Scott Key Bridge

Key Bridge, Washington, DC 20016

M Street Exxon Station

3607 M Street NW, Washington, DC