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There's A DC House Valued At $42M, But You Can't Have It

This month's Washingtonian has a profile of the new Ambassador from Italy (a guy named Claudio Bisogniero) and there's a few tidbits about the house he and his family have just moved in to. It overlooks the Rock Creek Park and was purchased by Robert Guggenheim for his mother, Florence, so he gave it the prophetic moniker Villa Firenze in her honor. Now there are bonafide Italians living on the twenty-two acres of land on this Albemarle Street site and the house has been valued at a meager $42 million (coincidentally, Guggenheim bought the house in 1942). Besides the yardage, the house itself is 24,000-square-feet and is the most expensive ambassador residence in Washington. It wasn't without its drawbacks, however, and a prior ambassador (Giovanni Castellaneta) had the kitchen gutted and combined with three other rooms to create a modern chef's kitchen. After the break is a video slideshow of the interior and exterior of the house set to peaceful guitar music.

Video from YouTube

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Photos from YouTube and Interior Design Trend 2011