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The First Clue About Tomorrow's Designer Chair Giveaway

We'll be back later today to talk about this morning's event at the US Capitol with House Beautiful, Senator Hagan, and other reps from US manufacturing sectors. But, as we mentioned previously, House Beautiful is also in town to give away nineteen green designers chairs in support of their March issue devoted to the very same color. Tomorrow and Wednesday Thursday a big van will drive around the city dropping off a designer chair in pre-chosen locations. Whoever finds the chair first gets to keep it, completely free of charge. Clues will be given out via Twitter, but we got our hands on the location of the very first drop-off and so, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow's first chair—the American Leather Sandy Chair (pictured)—will be somewhere in or near Dupont Circle. More specifics about exactly where in Dupont will come via their tweets, so follow @housebeautiful and #greenmag for clues all day long. For pictures of what all the chairs look like, go here.

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