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Michael Phelps Reportedly Lists Baltimore Townhouse

Swimmer extraordinaire, Michael Phelps, has quietly listed his townhouse located within Baltimore's The Crescent at Fells Point, reports The Real Estalker. The four-level, three-bedder has an asking price available by request but "our mama" (aka The Real Estalker) puts the price anywhere between $1,075,000 and $1,475,000 based on where it lands in the list o' listings. Phelps bought the place for $1.699M in 2007 and since he has oft-professed his hatred of losing at anything, we dare say he might try to get more for the place so the balance sheet tips in his favor.

· Michael Phelps Flipping in Fells Point [RealEstalker]
· Listing: 967 Fell Street, Baltimore [HeidiKrauss]

Photos from Krauss Real Estate