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Pre-Revolutionary Home for The Aspiring Aristocracy

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If you believe a home should be an expression of the past, then travel back to the days of yore and revel in the historic Fawcett-Reeder House in Old Town Alexandria. The owner, Joe Reeder, is a "former Marine, real estate dabbler and businessman" who purchased the 4 bedroom, 3 bath house in 2001 for $850,000 and is now selling it for $1,849,000 because it's too pricey to keep. While there is some disagreement if the house was built in 1772, 1775, or some time in between, it still has unique features, including weatherboard siding, floorboards, a smokehouse, and the "original privies and cistern". There's even part of the original roof you can see from the crawl space. For those who always wanted to live like a Colonial Williamsburg revolutionary (or the landed gentry), this might be your chance.

· Listing: 517 Prince St [Realtor]
· A “Disneyland” for historians [Alexandria Times]

-- George Perkins