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Penske Moving Report

Now this is interesting. A few weeks ago Atlas Van Lines released the data behind the migration patterns of their customers and DC was the number one place to move to. Now another moving company, Penske, has come out with their data and DC isn't even on the top ten. That spot belongs to Atlanta. The full list, and press release, is after the jump. [previously; Penske]

Penske Truck Rental’s Annual Top 10 Moving Destinations

For the second straight year “Move Ahead” is presenting Penske Truck Rental’s list of top moving destinations. Just like in 2010, the 2011 edition has plenty of sunny locales. Here is the list:

Orlando, Fla.
Dallas/Fort Worth
Sarasota, Fla.
Charlotte, N.C.

In comparison to last year’s listing, the Atlanta market is again the destination of choice. There are no new market entries.

No region moved up or down more than two positions, with Dallas/Fort Worth jumping up two, from fourth to second. Half the list (Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Sarasota, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C.,) remained in identical positions.

“As this list indicates, U.S. residents continue migrating primarily towards warm-weather areas,” noted Don Mikes, Penske’s vice president of rental. “The list is compiled through online consumer truck rental reservations and through our call centers.”

Visit today to make your reservations. Penske offers a host of discounts, including for AAA and CAA members, and the families of those serving in the United States military.

Note: Parameters used to compile this list were based on requests for one-way moves in 2011.