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Brand New Tennis Courts Coming Soon To Ward 7

The Washington Tennis and Education Foundation will begin construction today on a new $10M facility in Ward 7. The plan is to serve the kids of this community so that they don't have to commute to the facilities in Northwest DC. Once complete, hopefully by September of this year, it will have indoor classrooms and computer labs plus a total of fifteen tennis courts (both indoor and outdoor). For the full press release and a picture of what bad shape the existing courts are in click on through.

Washington Tennis & Education Foundation Begins Construction on $10M Tennis Education & Community Center in Ward 7.

Washington, DC-February, 6 2012 On Monday, February 6th the Washington Tennis & Education Foundation (WTEF) is beginning construction on a new $10 million tennis, education and community center in Ward 7. The new facility’s location, surrounded by the neighborhoods of the children that WTEF serves, will eliminate the daily two to three hour bus trip for WTEF’s students to the current center in Northwest, DC. The new center will allow WTEF to double the number of students served in an expanded support model, and it will provide additional structure and support all weekend, all winter and all day during the summer months. With extended after school and weekend hours, the new facility will be a safe haven for students during out-of-school time, where they will have increased access to mentors, computer labs, and parent/child programs in the neighbor in which they live.

The center will offer six indoor and nine outdoor courts, including regulation and QuickStart courts with smaller dimensions. WTEF will be able to more effectively introduce tennis to younger children, age’s four to ten. The interior space will contain classrooms, a computer lab, a community room, locker rooms and exercise room, as well as offices and staff space.

It’s accesiblity to the community will seek to foster greater parent participation, increase staff/family dialogue, and engage families in program planning. The building will also be available to its neighbors as a meeting and gathering space; the multi-purpose community room, with 1,500 feet of open space, can be used in a variety of ways.

The $10 million project is being built with the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations who have contributed over $9 million to WTEF's capital campaign. The remaining funds are expected to be raised from wide community support in 2012.

The general contractor for the project is HITT Contracting Inc., the architect firm is Clark Nexsen and the construction manager is Advisors, LLC. It is estimated the center will be completed in September 2012.

About WTEF
WTEF was established 55 years ago to help improve the life prospects of underprivileged children of Washington, DC. Through its education and athletic programs, tens of thousands of DC’s at-risk children have been nurtured through the support of WTEF’s caring patrons, staff and volunteers.

WTEF’s mission is to develop minds in the classroom and on the tennis court. We seek to achieve that through tennis, educational, and community-building activities that teach discipline, build confidence, and improve academic performance. For 14 consecutive years, 100% of the students in WTEF’s Center for Excellence have gained admission to college on academic and/or athletic scholarships and financial aid packages.