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Six Interesting Things About Alex Ovechkin's New House

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Last month Alex Ovechkin bought a new house in McLean, Va that is huge, secluded, and expensive. With five bedrooms, almost twice as many bathrooms, and a chandelier in nearly every room, the house is impressive. The 11,000 square foot house cost him $4.2M and a closer look at the listing photos reveals a few noteworthy items. It starts with a penguin scene etched into the glass of a bathroom sink and ends in the basement rec room big enough to host a hockey game (if the players are willing to forgo the ice skates). For everything in between we have the pictures after the jump.

? Above are a set of creepy sconces that somehow makes the recessed sink look like an altar.

? Here's the basement rec room that looks as though it is big enough for a professional hockey game (street hockey, in this case).

? In keeping with his image as ladies man here is the master bedroom with both a wet bar and a fireplace, depending which vibe he needs to create to get the job done.

? What ice hockey player can live without some artwork depicting a frozen tundra?

? The kitchen, and its three chandeliers, is notable for the way the island is built. See how one side is constructed to give the impression that it is more of a dining room table than a kitchen workspace?

? A backyard swing set in case he needs to burn off some energy.

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Images from Marianne Prendergast