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Comparing Dems To Republicans; Workplace Cafeterias

ONLINE—In honor of Valentines Day researched the sex habits of Democrats vs. Republicans. Turns out there is a difference. Republicans get laid less than Democrats. Which gives us the perfect excuse to leave you with the old adage, Democrats are sexy. Whoever heard of getting a nice piece of elephant? [ITK]

YOUR OFFICE CAFETERIA—Lydia DePillis, reporter at the Housing Complex blog, needs your help researching a story about 'the changing role of the institutional cafeteria in this white collar city'. Head over there if you can give her any information about your workplace's cafeteria. [WCP]

NEAR SOUTHEAST—The HPRB meeting means that the WASA O Street Pumping Station will get historic designation status and the Lumber Shed at the Yards Park can be rehabbed by Forest City (the same people behind Foundry Lofts). [JDLand]