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Tan-tiquing Is About To Become A Real Thing

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Dilemma: Hankering to glow orange like you're a Jersey Shore cast member but don't want to give up your tasteful design sensibilities and completely embrace household accoutrements? Well, have no fear because Fit to be Tan might be the
"world's first antiques-shop-slash-spray-tan venue" and is opening on Tuesday (February 28) on U Street. The front of the store is devoted to proprietor Paul Corrie's interior decorating business, while the back is a designated tanning space also managed by Corrie. So head to the store to get a base before beach weather comes, and pick up a vintage 1940s-era reading lamp while you're there.

· Paul Corrie Interiors/Fit To Be Tan [FB]
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-- George Perkins

Fit To Be Tan

1626 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 Visit Website