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Hirshhorn Building To Double As A Movie Screen; Bare Bones Tour This Weekend

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THE MALL—From March 22 until May 13 the cylindrical building of the Hirshorn will show a 360-degree audiovisual work nearly every night from sunset until midnight. The installation is called Song 1 and is by Doug Aitken and will sync projected images with a soundtrack of spliced together versions of the song “I Only Have Eyes for You”. Some of the images will give the impression the building is floating. [Archpaper]

SPRING VALLEY—If you're following the DC Design House project as closely as we are then you'll want to go to the Bare Bones Tour tomorrow from 10am-3pm. The cost is five dollars and you'll be able to see the house before the designers have their way with the rooms. Washingtonian also has some information about the designers and their plans for the space. [FB; Washingtonian]

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