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Period Actor Promotes Luxury Building At 14th And U

If you thought you saw a French monarch riding around on a Capital Bikeshare recently you don't need to get your vision checked. It was part of the publicity for JBG's groundbreaking at 14th and U Streets. The building is called Louis At 14th and, naturally, what better way to publicize it than having Louis the XIV strut around town, take the metro, and look for a place to live. There are several videos over on their Facebook page showing all the hijinks and you can sign up to receive info on their website. But the basic deets are it will be a 267-unit luxury apartment complex with retail on the ground floor. We have a few renderings after the jump, including an aerial view of what the rooftop pool will look like.

· Louis at 14th [OfficialSite]
· Louis at 14th [Facebook]

Renderings and screen grabs from JBG/LouisAt14th

Louis At 14th

1920 14th Street NW , Washington, DC , 20009