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Where In DC Do DC Residents Really Want To Live?

Trulia released their quarterly Metro Movers report that analyzes the search data on their site and ranks the cities that people search the most compared to where they live. This time they also looked at the neighborhood searches from people who already lived in the District and found that for DC the top five spots were for the following neighborhoods: Chevy Chase, Logan Circle, Mount Pleasant & Columbia Heights, Brightwood & Shepherd Park, Mt Vernon Square & Cardozo/Shaw. (Some neighborhoods shared the same ranking). Since the report looks at the whole country we've pasted some of the more interesting parts of the press release after the jump.
House Hunters Near and Far Eye Florida Real Estate

Of the top 10 metros where demand among online house hunters is strongest, seven are located in the Sunshine state. Even with a backlog of homes unable to complete the foreclosure process, big price declines mean more people are looking to move to Florida than leave. In fact, one-third of all the home searches in Miami on originate from people living more than 500 miles away. As for who is looking at Florida, there are clear geographic preferences between house hunters in New York and Chicago. New York is the top source of long distance (100 miles or more) home searches for properties along the Atlantic coast and Central Florida (e.g., Lakeland-Winter Haven, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach). Meanwhile, more searches for Gulf Coast homes (e.g., North Port-Bradenton-Sarasota and Cape Coral) come from Chicago than from anywhere else.

New York City Draws House Hunters from Mid-Atlantic States

More people are looking to leave big metros – such as Newark, San Jose, Philadelphia and Seattle – than move in. For most of them, their top destinations are in the South and Southwest. For example, Atlanta is the top search destination from Newark, and Phoenix is the top destination from Chicago. House hunters from Washington DC, Bethesda and Baltimore are exceptions to this trend, looking north to New York.

Best-Kept Secret Neighborhoods Across America

While most house hunters search for homes for sale or rentals across town, more than one-third of searches are to homes at least 100 miles away. Out-of-towners tend to look in the most well-known neighborhoods: Tribeca in New York, Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, Miami Beach in Miami, Pacific Heights in San Francisco and Georgetown in Washington DC. However, every city has “best-kept secret” neighborhoods where locals want to live. Using the same analysis behind the Metro Movers report, Trulia reveals the desirable neighborhoods in major cities that out-of-towners typically overlook.

· The Best-Kept Secret Neighborhoods [Trulia]