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The Least Expensive Properties In Eckington

Oh, the possibilities of transitional neighborhoods. While you can score incredibly low prices (seriously, look at some of these prices per square foot) and find affordable houses with 4 bedrooms, you also have to tolerate not-so convenient access to services and stores. However, being an urban pioneer allows you to be able to say the later gentrifiers, "Well, before there was that Starbucks/Chipotle/Chop't, yada, yada, yada..." If you're up for solid deals and are willing to handle some inconvenience compared to your brethren in Logan or Petworth, then check out this week's Least Expensive listings in Eckington.

10. 325 W St
Asking Price: $350,000
Square Feet: 1,020
Price Per Square Foot: $343
The Lowdown: If commuting is always a hassle, then this semi-detached townhouse has got some options for you. Located on several bus routes and within walking distance of the Rhode Island Metro, this 4 bedroom (yes, 4), 2 bath unit has a small front porch, a deck off the kitchen, and a basement with a separate entrance. That sounds like an opportunity for rental income.

9. 51 T St
Asking Price: $340,000
Square Feet: 1,318
Price Per Square Foot: $267
The Lowdown: The description says this 4 bedroom (yes, another 4 bedroom listing), 2.5 bath row house is a "Terrific INVESTMENT OP". Whether that's actually the case, someone else will have to be the judge, but the unit was renovated in 2007 and has rear parking. Though this one might be a "potential short sale", so diligence is required.

8. 168 Todd Place
Asking Price: $333,650
Square Feet: 1,080
Price Per Square Foot: $309
The Lowdown: One of several listings on Eckington's Todd Place, this one is move-in ready with new carpet and new appliances. And the seller is offering to help with the closing process. For 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and an attic, it might be worth the offer.

7. 153 Rhode Island Ave
Asking Price: $320,000
Square Feet: 1,200
Price Per Square Foot: $267
The Lowdown: Want a Federal row house you can make your own? This one might be for you, and it definitely doesn't mince its words: "needs work but is still livable" and has "unrealized potential". With 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, a basement with a rec room, and a storage area, there's plenty of opportunity to realize this listing's potential.

6. 110 Todd Place
Asking Price: $315,000
Square Feet: 1,184
Price Per Square Foot: $266
The Lowdown: Another listing on Todd Place with 3 bedrooms, this semi-detached end unit has a traditional floor plan, 1 bath, hardwood floors, a new kitchen, and a front porch with iron railing. At least with this unit, you'll only have to tolerate one set of possibly noisy neighbors.

5. 1710 3rd St
Asking Price: $299,000
Square Feet: 1,544
Price Per Square Foot: $194
The Lowdown: You may remember this number since it's a former Under 300K Club member and features a stripper pole in the basement. (Or something resembling a stripper pole.) Painted in some intense colors, this is a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath row house that is "NOT A FORECLOSE! NOT A SHORT SALE!" Just in case you missed that, it's NOT a short sale or foreclosure.

4. 1921 2nd St
Asking Price: $274,750
Square Feet: 900
Price Per Square Foot: $305
The Lowdown: Dream of living in a penthouse? Well, this might be as close as you come. This top-floor, 2 bed, 2 bath unit features plenty of features for the price point including hardwood floors, a dual sink vanity in the master bathroom, in-unit washer and dryer, lower-level storage facilities, and a patio that can only be defined as "sweet". There's a $202 monthly HOA for this listing.

3. 118 Todd Place
Asking Price: $210,000
Square Feet: 1,080
Price Per Square Foot: $194
The Lowdown: The final Todd Place row house in this list was built in 1913 and has seen lots of listing activity in the last few years. This unit is "for sale by owner" and features 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 540 of unfinished square feet. This house might be "subject to a short sale" so make sure you're prepared for that if you go after this one.

2. 1956 3rd St
Asking Price: $175,000
Square Feet: 1,282
Price Per Square Foot: $137
The Lowdown: Notice the price per square foot. That's incredibly low (and possibly awesome). Just saying. But what does it get you? A 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo with a "laarge" den/office and parking. There's a $142 monthly HOA with this listing. There aren't any pics of or info on the interior, so your guess on what it looks like inside is as good as mine.

1. 314 V St
Asking Price: $102,750
Square Feet: 450
Price Per Square Foot: $228
The Lowdown: And the Least Expensive Eckington winner is a short sale that almost (so close) falls below the 100K threshold. This condo has 1 bedroom, 1 bath with granite counters and stainless steel appliances. The prior price was $93,500, and there's a $221 monthly HOA required. If you can handle the stresses of a short sale, then this might be the best deal in the District.

--George Perkins

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