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George Bush Touches On His Push For Homeownership

A few weeks ago Tom Bozzuto, CEO of the real estate development and management company The Bozzuto Group, interviewed former President George Bush and asked him about his general thoughts on the housing crisis. This event was at the annual conference for the National Multi Housing Council’s (NMHC) so the audience was made up of people who work in the apartment industry. Bozzuto asked Bush if he had possibly gone too far in pushing for homeownership while he was President and his reply, as summarized by Bozzuto, was:

He said that while he was pushing the “ownership society” and homeownership, there was no one in the Oval Office telling him of the risks associated with this. He then looked around the room, and it seemed to me, said to all of us in the apartment industry, “Where were you when we were doing this?” For a few more nuggets from the talk, as well as musings on whether or not the apartment industry should have a stronger lobbying presence on Capitol Hill, check out the full summary here.

· A Louder Voice [BozzutoGroup]