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Rick Santorum's Housing Inconsistencies And Ironies

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Rick Santorum has had trouble keeping his Pennsylvania roots intact. He's running for the GOP nomination as a Pennsylvanian but has owned a home in Virginia since at least 2001 where he once got into trouble for having Pennsylvania taxpayers fund his children's online schooling even though they weren't living in the state. Then, in 2007 he bought a $2M in Great Falls (which has its own built-in irony if you are familiar with Santorum's 'Google problem' since the house is on a street called Creamcup Lane). Pictured above it is a four bed, five bath house with 4,899 square feet. Since he once criticized a Pennsylvania opponent as not actually living in the state (but rather in McLean, Virginia) it will be interesting to see how he deflects this question should he become the GOP nominee.

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