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The Top Ten Most Expensive Houses For Sale In Nearby Va

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Virginia is now the owner of the most expensive house in the area with a $15.9M house on Founders Ridge. This one is new to market so that means that the house that used to be at the top of this list has moved down, all the way down to number four thanks to a few other new entries. We have the list after the jump, as well as a full photo gallery for the most impressive listing—which isn't a $15.9M house on Founders Ridge.

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10. 175 Chain Bridge Road [Estately] and 111 Chain Bridge Road [Sawbuck]
There are two houses tied for tenth place in the pricing wars with a price of $6M and they are practically neighbors. The first one (number 175) was designed by the same person who designed Regan National Airport (a guy named Charles Goodman for the Jeopardy students). Perhaps it isn't coincidence that there's a large runway-like boardwalk in the yard. The second one, at 111 Chain Bridge Road, is on the market for the first time in 55 years and was built for Herbert Hoover's Labor Secretary (anyone know who that was?).

9. Listing: 407 CHAIN BRIDGE RD [Trulia]
Why have one master suite when you can have two? With 12,000 sq ft of living space you have to find a way to fill out all that square footage, so why not throw in an extra in-law suite down below. This 5 bed, six bath is asking $6,950,000 and overlooks the Potomac River (but the fact that this listing photo was taken when there weren't any leaves on the trees makes us think it is one of those 'seasonal views of the river' places).

8. Listing: 1001 DOGUE HILL LN [Sotheby's]
Here's a straight up colonial that we haven't featured before. It is a five bed, seven bath that comes furnished at this price of $7,995,000 or unfurnished at $6,500,000. It is also the first house we have ever covered that comes with its own private putting green.

7. Listing: 576 INNSBRUCK AVE [WFP]
This one was on our previous list as the second most expensive house but it has come down in price by over a million dollars and a slunk down to the seventh spot. Previously the ask was $9,975,000, but now it is $8,750,000 and still no takers. It is a six bed, nine bath with a wine cellar.

6. Listing: 1028 TOWLSTON RD [LongandFoster]
Still no change in price for this 7 bed, 11 bath house in McLean that comes with a wine cellar, elevator, koi pond and sauna. It is still hoping to get $9.2M.

5. Listing: 6827 SORREL ST [WFP]
And here we have the one that made news because Ted Leonsis sold it to his friend Chris Rogers. Not long after the paperwork was complete Rogers decided to list it again for five hundred thousand more than he bought it for (making the asking price $9.5M). Considering the next most expensive house on the block is about three million dollars, we can't help but anticipate a price chop one day.

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4. Listing: 612 RIVERCREST DR [LongandFoster]
Here we have the one that used to be number one on our list. It hasn't come down in price (still $12.5M) but with its Potomac River views and two-level garage you would think it would have sold by now, but still it waits for a buyer. It has nine bedrooms and eleven bathrooms and each bathroom has its own jacuzzi tub.

3. 5825 DOYLE RD [Jobin Realty]
This is a new addition to the list and is one of the few not in McLean. It is the same price as number four ($12.5M) but we're giving it a higher spot on the list because of its lengthy list of amenities. Some of them are: an indoor pool, eight car garage, geothermal radiant heat, golf green, and two ponds. Somewhere in there it also has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The house has its own website with more photos here or the agent's site here.

2. Listing: 1175 BALLANTRAE LANE [LongandFoster]
Another newbie to come on the market as of mid-January this is a $12,950,000 house not far from where Colin Powell has a house (that he bought for $1.3M in 1993). It has it all, including a billiards room, gym, spa, pool & pool house, theater, and "fortification security". We don't know what that means, but there were so many stunning pictures we couldn't chose just one.

1. Listing: 1005 FOUNDERS RIDGE LN [Redfin]
And now for the most expensive home in nearby Virginia and the whole area overall. Besides all the usual mansion amenities—a ballroom, a theater, nanny quarters—this one comes with an indoor pool and indoor raquetball/basketball court. It is 20,000 sq ft of living for the lovely price of $15.9M.

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