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Dining in a Firehouse; A Low-Key Valentine's Day Guide

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

MOUNT VERNON SQUARE—Eater took a look inside the historic firehouse setting of Sixth Engine, a new restaurant opening in the Mount Vernon Square neighborhood tonight. The design team focused on the history of the building but, naturally, there's also some firehouse kitsch there, too.

BLACK TUESDAY—Want to go out for dinner on Valentine's Day but not have to deal with balloon-filled rooms, rip-off prix-fixe menus and heart-shaped entrees? Eater has a guide to low-key spots that are operating business-as-usual. You're welcome.

FREDERICK—Been trying to snag a table at Volt to no avail? Eater chatted with general manager Steve Fowler for tips on getting into the restaurant as well as what it's like when you're there — beware the ladies and gentlemen swooning over former Top Chef contestant and Volt chef Bryan Voltaggio.

PENN QUARTERDangerously Delicious Pies announced plans to open a second DC shop in Penn Quarter this year. Owner Sandra Basanti gave Eater some details on what they've got in store for the new location, including outdoor seating and, of course, the same rock n roll vibe as the original.

HOT CHEFS—Eater's Hottest Chefs Competition continues this week with first-round voting. Head over for a look at all the sexy chefs that have been competing all week and vote in today's poll.