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A New Way To Lease An Apartment

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During Renters Week we took a look inside Archstone First & M in NoMa and now we're back with their new approach to enticing prospective tenants. They turned the idea of a regular leasing office on its head and came up with the Apartment Store—a large open room with a half dozen computers that show the floorplans, photos, amenity list, and basic info about living in the building. There's refreshments and casual couches to set the tone of home rather than work. The office is easily three times the size of the typical leasing office you see in other apartment buildings which means valuable square footage was sacrificed for the concept. It is also directly across from the main entryway so as people check out the rental deets they can keep their eye on the comings and goings of the lobby to absorb more of a feel for the building.

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Archstone First + M

1160 First Street NE, Washington, DC 20002