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Portrait Of Woman Wearing Part Of A Piece Of Fabric Livens Up Kitchen In Turnberry Tower

Turnberry Tower has some of the area's most expensive prices per square foot in the penthouses and takes every opportunity to boast about how classy the building is. Private elevator entrances into many of the units and iPad-controlled features that let owners do everything from draw the blinds to have their car brought up from the garage with a few touches on a screen are just some of the high-end features that come with living here. And now here's a unit that is brings the classy to the art on the walls. Right there by the door is this almost-naked portrait of a woman that makes you forget about the boring white paint on the walls. She may or may not be the same woman in the bathroom painting who looks to be more clothed, but is trying not to be. Either way the two bedroom, three bath is on the market for $1,650,000.

· 1881 Nash St #1503 [Estately]

Turnberry Tower

1881 North Nash Street, Arlington, VA 22209 Visit Website