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Boastful Manse In Georgetown Will Make Guests Swoon

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Hate having to cook multiple meals for multiple guests in only one kitchen? Well, for one new homeowner, that won't have to be the case anymore. This Federal townhouse has 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and enough square footage to have an "embassy sized dining room". Originally listed for $3,695,000, it gracefully left the market at $3,250,000. The sellers were none other than the people who bought Evermay and Halcyon House. The home's living room will never be cold because duel fireplaces can battle it out to provide needed warmth during DC's ever-warming winters. And with a library and in-law suite, plus parking for two vehicles, entertaining short-term and long-term guests couldn't be easier. And just in time for the holidays.

· 3128 P St NW [Redfin]