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Call Me Maybe Meets 10,000 Christmas Lights [Updated]

Was this a foregone conclusion? Since Halloween brought us lights synced to Gangam Style it had to be that Christmas would merge Call Me Maybe with even more sparkling eye-candy than before. The entire front of this house in Bel Air, Md and some of the trees in front are all part of this choreographed light show set to six different songs, including the Carly Rae Jensen chart-topper. The owner, a tech guy whose nickname is Sparky, couldn't be more proud. Anyone driving by can listen in by tuning into the advertised radio frequency but don't even try to fight the urge to dance.

UPDATE: The homeowners have a website about their light show that includes links to some of their shows from previous years (Oy. Turns out that isn't their website after all). If you are within a few blocks radius tune in to 107.1 FM to catch the tunes. We also have a new and improved video after the jump that has the show for the whole length of Call Me Maybe.


NOTE: This post originally had a video from ABC News but since that didn't show the song in it's entirety we have taken it down and replaced it with this one from "Sparky" himself.

h/t WaPo