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Palladian Elegance And A Bathroom Fit For A Discotheque All Wrapped Into One

A gently curving street. A gently curving house. The exterior of this Foxhall home designed in the International style is subdued, refined, and subtle. And then you open the front door and modernity is alive and well. The front staircase floats above the minimalist foyer, there's an elevator if walking up three stories is too taxing, and one of the bathrooms uses that dark green marble so popular in clubs from the American Psycho era. And classic luxury returns with a gorgeous pool and a cute little deck. While the front says, "All classic", the inside tells a different story. This 4 bed, 4 bath hodgepodge of design styles is on the market for $1,730,000.

· 4516 Foxhall Crescent NW [Redfin]