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Here, Now, The Most Popular Posts Of 2012

Before we say a final good bye to 2012 here's a look back at our posts that gained the most traction throughout the year. Out of all the celebrity posts Alex Ovechkin and Chris Cooley topped the list, but the topic that even more people follow will always be the money. For that our posts about the most expensive houses for sale in DC, Maryland, and Virginia wound their way through the blogosphere. Elsewhere on heavy rotation was the HUD foreclosure that was so popular it received over 138 offers in two weeks and every time we updated the map of hottest buildings to rent in that gained a following. Here in no particular order is the full list:

· House That Received 138 Offers Sells in Two Weeks
· Six Interesting Things About Alex Ovechkin's New House
· Our Rental Heat Map
· The 9:30 Club Is Getting Two Neighbors
· Chris Cooley Lists Leesburg Manse
· The Most Expensive Houses For Sale in DC
· The Most Expensive Houses For Sale in Maryland
· The Most Expensive Houses For Sale Virginia