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The Year in Eater; District Kitchen's First Year; Plywood Report

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

YEAR IN EATER— The year is winding down, and so per holiday tradition, Eater asked the town's food writers and more to look back on the year in dining. Hear their picks for Best Restaurant Neighborhood, Best Meal of the Year, 2012's Dining Surprises, Best Newcomers, Restaurant Standbys and their attempts to Describe 2012 in One Word. More to come later today on the site.

VARIOUS NEIGHBORHOODS— It's that time of year when a drink by the fireplace sounds pretty cozy. Here are 15 options around town where you can mix fire and alcohol. Really.

ARLINGTON— No, the Cava team is not associated with the ladies-oriented sports bar that reality star Chris Bukowski is planning for Clarendon.

PLYWOOD REPORT— Updates on Pete's New Haven-Style APizza in Silver Spring, Look, Street and more in this week's Plywood Report.

WOODLEY PARK— Chef Drew Trautmann talks about the first year of District Kitchen, a restaurant with a seasonal, ever-changing menu and a rustic look.