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The Most Controversial Projects Of 2012

The Eisenhower Memorial might not have been the most contentious issue of this year's development news, but it is certainly the one that has dragged on the longest. But before 2013's bickering begins here's a look back at some of the hot button issues that got people hot under the collar.

MCMILLAN—A former water filtration site is lying fallow while people decide what it should become. For profit groups want to get their hands on it while greenies want to make it a oasis from the pollution and concrete in the rest of the city.

APARTMENTS—Jair Lynch's company and Kettler have their hands full with residents who really don't like being told they have to choose between living with their spouse or their kids.

GREAT FALLS—The neighborhood with some of the most massive homes was up in arms this year over an even more massive house that was planned for the area. At three times the size of some of the other houses it was gonna be huge, but the outcry led to a change of plans.

EISENHOWER—It must be a rule that there can't be a new memorial without mountains of controversy and accusations of Hitler and/or communism being thrown in the mix. Frank Gehry and the Eisenhower family brought both to town all year long.