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The Best Celebrity Real Estate Of 2012

DC is woefully behind when it comes to bonafide celebrities but we have our share of colorful politicians and athletes. Here, now, are the top posts that have to do with people everyone has heard of. With hockey on hiatus this can double as a way to get an Ovechkin fix (poor guy has hardly spent anytime in his new Great Falls house this year since he's playing over in Russia). Plus there's Clinton Portis, Chris Cooley, Michael Phelps, and Gilbert Arenas to teach us about selling properties at a loss (grottos aren't for everyone, Arenas).

· Alex Ovechkin Expands His Real Estate Portfolio...
· and...Six Interesting Things About Alex Ovechkin's New House
· The CEO of BET Is Not The Most Famous Person That Has Lived In This $6,000,000 House
· Baltimore Raven Ray Rice Still Trying To Sell Condo From His Pre-NFL Days
· Clinton Portis Goes Shopping For Real Estate On Reality TV
· Chris Cooley Lists Leesburg Manse, Keeps Football Helmets For Other Teams Near 'Skins Jerseys
· Inside Roberta McCain's Washington Home
· Photos Of Jesse Jackson Jr's (Colorful) House Surface
· Map: Where A Few Politicians Go To Get Away After Their Day Job
· Former Wizard Gilbert Arenas Tries To Unload His Party-Centric House In Great Falls
· Rick Santorum's House In Great Falls
· Michael Phelps Sells Condo At Loss, But Probably Doesn't Care
· Former Terps Football Coach Sells In Silver Spring