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Curbed Cup 2012: Logan Circle Vs. 14th Street

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We have arrived at the make or break moment for a neighborhood's identity (okay, not really, just humor us that these polls mean something in the universe). As several polite and well-mannered commenters have noted Logan Circle and the 14th St Corridor are close enough to each other that most consider 14th St as being part of Logan Circle. But, yet, when our call for nominations went out we received several suggestions for 14th Street specifically (plus quite a few more for Logan Circle). That made us wonder what would happen if we put the two against each other in poll. From a strictly real estate point of view the divergence of the two locales is already apparent. Brand new multi-family buildings rise above 14th St while older rowhouses—many already transformed into boutique condos—dominate the blocks closer to Logan Circle itself. The common trend of growing urban density is taking place right before our eyes: as neighborhoods go up their boundaries draw in. So, naturally, the most important question is: which one is the Neighborhood of the Year? Polls close in twenty-four hours so get voting.

Poll results