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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Cat Videos To Bring You The Best Curbed Videos Of 2012

Let's ease into the short work week by looking back at some of the most popular videos we ran on the site. The home tour of "Republican Shangri-la" that included the hostess wrapping gifts with actual dollar bills got a lot of attention, as did a few of the Shit People Say videos (the one about real estate agents beat out the two about DC residents). Dave Grohl made us all feel cool by singing about Virginia, Spike Mendelsohn toured his converted school house, and Gangam Style got us dancing with a light show on someone's house in Leesburg. See them all after the jump.
Shit Real Estate Agents Say

Video from YouTube

· Sh*t Real Estate Agents Say [RETSO via Matrix]

Gangam Style Throws Down In Leesburg

· 2012 Halloween Light Show - Gangnam Style [YouTube via WaPo]

Dave Grohl Sings About Virginia in "Arlandria"

Video from YouTube via WaPo
· New Dave Grohl Bio Proves Northern Virginia Has A Cool Side [CDC]

Spike Mendelsohn's DC Pad is a Converted School House

· Spike's Crib [Bravo]

Post-Derecho Song By The Band Acoustic By Circumstance (nfsw)

· F*ck You, Pepco [YouTube/Acoustic By Circumstance]

Edwina Rogers Uses Money as Gift Wrap

Shit People In DC Say, Part One

· Shit People From DC Say [YouTube]

Shit People In DC Say, Part Two

· Shit People in DC Say [YouTube from SocialStudiesDC]

Ed and Edwina Rogers' House

6035 Ramshorn Place, McLean, VA