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The Best Price Chops Of 2012 Sliced Millions Off Their Asks

It was no contest this year for the best price chop since a house in Maryland that was asking $4.4M came all the way down to under a million. Last we heard it was sitting tight as as short sale at $875,000. But a few other notable ones took a slide also. The White House replica came back on the market a half a million dollars cheaper and the most expensive home in McLean came down from 17.9M to 16M. Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his wife Anne Sinclair took a major shave on their Georgetown home and started asking less than they paid almost five years ago, plus a DC councilmember has had to trim a few hundred thousand off his house too.

· That Waterfront $4.4M House Drops Even Further To $875K
· The Return Of The White House Replica
· Gurney's Glassy Box Now Cheaper Than Its Fraternal Twin
· Councilmember Michael A. Brown Can't Unload $1.8M Home $1,675,000
· McLean's $17.9M House Lowers Price
· Dominique Strauss-Kahn Would Really Like You To Buy His House, S'il Vous Plait