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Pike & Rose In White Flint: A Destination By Design

White Flint is hardly a place people go by choice, but developers want to change that with millions of square feet of space for stores and actual people. There will be offices and residential buildings on top of all the retail places, but will that be enough to make people actually want to go there? It's going to take more than a Whole Foods to attract the crowds. Right now the plan is for an 18-story, 300-unit apartment building to be built in Phase 1, plus an iPic movie theater, and other commercial and retail space. That should be finished by mid-2014 with Phases 2 and 3 starting before then. Developers plan to release details about the later phases in 2013 so we'll update as information becomes available.

· Federal Realty Reveals New Renderings For Pike & Rose [BethesdaNow]

Renderings from Federal Realty

Pike And Rose

11800 Rockville Pike‎ , Rockville , MD 20852 Visit Website