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The Amazing Transformation Of First Street NE

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You have to give props to NoMa for doing everything it takes to become a real neighborhoods. First they attracted the usual mix of ways to make money from square footage—office space, apartment buildings, grocery stores, hotels. Then they got the Metro station named after them and lobbied for money to create parks and landscaping. Now they're drilling down even further on the development to do list and focusing on street level aesthetics by creating a linear park on First Avenue from K Street to Florida Avenue. There are more plans for the surrounding blocks too, though it is looking like this will become a foodie destination since not only will there be restaurants and free-standing kiosks that could serve food, but those parking bays are the perfect size for food trucks. And, per one of the pictures, one of the bricks and mortar stores will be very seductive.

· First St. NE Design Concept [NoMaBid]

Renderings from AECOM via NoMa BID