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How DC Data Helped Measure Apple Maps Accuracy

The Neuroscientist-in-Residence at Uber, Bradley Voytek, is back with another chart-filled break down of data and in this case Washington DC came to the rescue. He wanted to compare how effective (or ineffective) the latest version of Apple Maps really is against the other major mappers in cyberspace. To do that he needed a dataset of known addresses matched to geolocated points and, if you will kindly dig this, 'Thankfully has a large database of curated address/geolocation data freely available.' So, basically we totally rock. He used the DC data to compare the different programs and found that Apple wasn't all that bad (though he cautions it is only one city's worth of data). He also gives a primer on how Uber works and how the technology behind Sputnik is similar to what those sleek sedans use every day.

· Comparing Apples To GoogleMaps To Bings To Mapquests [Uberblog]