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Bill and Karyn Frist Divvy Up Their Earthly Goods

Former Senator Bill Frist and his wife Karyn crossed all the Ts on their divorce papers last week and the list of possessions they agreed to divide shows they really do have different tastes. He gets to keep the mounted buffalo head and she the porcelain cow head (not mounted). Trusts in their sons' names own their $8 million mansion in Nashville but Karyn gets to live there as long as she wants (pictured above when it was under construction. So White House-like, no?). He gets to keep the condo in Florida and the summer place in Maine. It only gets tricky when it comes to the country club membership. So important, yet so crucial that they not cross paths. Click over for more details on that and how they divided up the many investment accounts. We went looking for porcelain cow heads to get an idea of what Karyn gets to keep and found a few examples after the jump. Including one that covers a cheese platter estimated at over $1,000.
(EST $1000 - $1500) [CowanAuctions]

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