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Mt. Pleasant's Raven Is Perfect For Cheap Drinks And Near Some Cheap(ish) Real Estate

Welcome to Bar Crawl Living where we find some worthy domiciles within stumbling distance of a neighborhood hotspot. If there's a place you want us to scope out, leave a comment or send word to our tipline.

Keeping it real in Mt. Pleasant. And this nabe ain't called MoPle or any other New York-ish moniker. To keep it real and to quench a thirst, the neighborhood watering hole is the Raven Grill where canned beers are cheap, the decor is no frills, and the patrons keep the nabe spirit alive. Just as there are deals on brews, there are deals on real estate if buyers are willing to put a little (or a lot) of work into the properties. So for those with senses of adventure and a willingness to make a property one's own abode, check out what Mt. Pleasant has to offer. And after working on new cabinetry for the kitchen, hit up the Raven for another cold one. Cheers to that!

1. 1523 Park Rd NW
Asking Price: $113,900
Square Feet: 691
What It's All About: Talk about rough. This 1 bedroom listing is on the market for cheap, cheap, cheap. And there's a reason: The interior is not putting its best foot forward. The floor has mismatched tiles. The hallway looks like something out of a horror movie. If the buyer is willing to put some sweat into this property, the return could be awesome. But it'll require quite a bit of sweat.

2. 1457 Park Rd NW
Asking Price: $166,000
Square Feet: 401
What It's All About: Another cheap listing on Park Road. And this studio is a short sale so buyers better be patient. The unit has been on the market for over a year, but at least its interior is in better condition that the previous listing, there's not a lot of space. But for a starter unit, this may be perfect for someone looking for a pad for the right price.

3. 3324 18th St NW
Asking Price: $499,900
Square Feet: 890
What It's All About: The Schafer Project's Carriage House was just profiled right here. And it's still on the market looking for an adventurous buyer. Or someone who really wants a $15,000 holiday bonus before the New Year arrives.

4. 877 Monroe St NW
Asking Price: $649,900
Square Feet: 1,654
What It's All About: Totally jumping up the size scale is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath "classic" Mt. Pleasant row house. Though the "basement needs some work" and the kitchen needs some updating, the interior is in solid shape. And the front porch looks uber-inviting. And PS: This listing is totally new to the market.

5. 1682 Irving St NW
Asking Price: $1,200,000
Square Feet: ???
What It's All About: And for the final listing, jumping way up the price scale is another newbie to the market. This townhouse has 7 rental units inside with 6 of the unit owner-occupied on a month-to-month basis. The seller makes no bones about it saying the listing is "in need of renovation & updating". Lots of potential here. But lots of work as well.

· The Schafer Project Releases Freestanding Carriage House For Sale In Mount Pleasant [CDC]

Raven Grill

3125 Mt Pleasant Street NW, Washington, DC 20010 202 387 8411