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Steak & Ice Opens; DC Hot Chocolate Destinations

This week's top dish from Eater DC, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

H STREET NETaylor Charles Steak & Ice opened in the Atlas District this week. The restaurant, which serves up cheesesteaks and water ice in a Philly streetscape setting, was highly anticipated.

ZOMG HOT CHOCOLATECraving hot chocolate now that the weather has gotten, well, mildly chilly? Check out this map of hot chocolate destinations around town.

DUPONT CIRCLE— This new club coming to Dupont Circle this weekend, Heist, sounds pretty wild. Bullet holes figure into the decor, and you can get a $25,000 bottle of champagne.

U STREET— A new Italian restaurant coming to the U Street neighborhood will be run by the team and chef from Russia House and Biergarten Haus.

MOUNT VERNON TRIANGLEThe Passenger is opening up a new island themed bar called Hogo. But both bars may have to move to make way for new development.

NORTHEAST— The city is getting another brewery. Atlas Brew Works will open in the next three months, and is a partnership between a home brewer and a commercial brewer.

ADAMS MORGAN— In Eater's Gatekeepers feature, get to know the secrets behind snagging a table at Mintwood Place.

AROUND TOWNWhat dishes do DC residents crave the most? Find out in this map of dishes, singled out by Eater readers.

EATER POLLS— Would you rather eat a Philly hoagie or a New England lobster roll when you're in DC? Take this poll of favorite transplanted dishes.

U STREET— Get the early word on Hanoi House, which replaced Blackbyrd Warehouse.